Patient Testimonials

Saul was a widower who had Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI) with pain at rest. His doctor told him he needed amputation. Saul's son, a physician, found our program. Stem cell treatment ensured Saul avoided amputation and gave him far better quality of life for more 9 years, until he passed away.

Saul C. (Miami, FL)

Dave is a Lobster fisherman and doctors told him that he needed an immediate left above knee amputation for Peripheral Artery Disease. Dave wanted to save his leg long enough for his son to return home from Iraq. After participating in our stem cell trial, Dave was able to postpone his amputation for more than…

Dave L. (Long Island, Maine)

Maria is a 23 year old single mother with auto-immune vascular disease. She was ineligible for a bypass or angioplasty and prescribed methadone (an opioid to relieve severe pain) for pain at-rest. After stem cell therapy, Maria's pain was relieved and she no longer needed methadone for pain management.

Maria C. (Indianapolis)
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“Thank you to the Cryptic Masons, my Brothers, for financially supporting this… I really feel like I won the stem cell lottery.”
Garrie W. Connersville, Indiana
  • 30 years as a Freemason
  • 20 years in the Army
  • Heart disease on his father’s and mother’s side
  • Suffered a heart attack in 1999

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